Filthy Fun

One of my favorite things to do lately is peruse Craigslist…………for furniture.  I have a weakness for mid-century modern and am always on the lookout for a bargain or a diamond in the rough.

My quest to suss out a wooden wonder can be quite taxing.  Some posters are unaware of the origins of the piece they are selling so I must keep the search parameters broad.  An “Old End Table” could, in fact, be a vintage solid wood collectible.  This leads to the unexciting part of the hunt, reading over mountains of mundane Craigslist ads.

Every now and again though, there is a post that raises an eyebrow or warrants a WTF?

I try to keep my word snobbery at a minimum and cut people some slack.  Afterall, it is CL and not the New York Times.  I must say, though, there are an awful lot of “dinning” sets out there.


Mar 1 – **BEAUTIFUL DINNING SET** – (****) img

Mar 1 – Dinning table & Chairs – $79 (*******) pic

Mar 1 – Dinning Room Table w/leaf, OAK – $350 (******)

 “Amoir,” Amoire…to-may-to, to-mah-to

 Feb 28 – TV Armoir – $200 (*****) pic

Feb 28 – Beautiful Oak Armoir – $250 (******) pic

Feb 28 – Tv Armoir – $150 (******) pic

Feb 28 – Armoir and chest of drawers – $400 (****)

Maybe the 28th was just a bad spelling day.  I love coming across the “deal” of a lifetime, such as:

 You Will Not Believe This Deal – $30 (***** )

Date: 2010-03-01, 2:28PM MST
Reply to: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Errors when replying to ads?]

Partial section of a one year old sectional. We moved and had to sacrifice the other pieces. so here you have it the end piece plus the ottoman for a mere $30.00. The color is light mixture of browns, greens and light blue. We will even throw in the two pillows that give it some contrast. This would be great for a small apartment, or even a mobile home. so do not miss this deal. Reply to this posting and lets see who wins. thank you
Wow, the end piece of a sectional?  Maybe next I’ll find a dresser with no drawers, lucky me.  I especially like the “lets see who wins” part.  What kind of incredible feats would one have to do to “win” that prize?  Kind of reminds me of this:

Speaking of classy……

Very classy 3 piece solid wood BOOKCASE 2 matching – $1100 (******)

Date: 2010-02-13, 8:53AM MST
Reply to: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

$1100 EACH
I have 2 very classy solid wood book cases.
They are very heavy and well built
3 seprate pieces with wood shelves on the side pieces and wood with glass in-lay on the center piece
The center piece is 3 feet wide and 7 feet tall and all together they are 7 feet wide
Look at the pictures this is not cheap furniture
I bought these about 8 months ago to display hair products at our salon
The salon is closed down and these have to go I am asking $1100 EACH for them
You know, I don’t necessarily associate Craigslist and classy (unless you are in the personals section) but somehow, he makes it work, no?  No.  He would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling typos.  All spelling snobbery aside,  I’ve always said, money can buy class.  To prove my point:
Before money:
After money:

Right?  Well, if not class..more self-tanner.
I like how people use certain terms to describe their offerings in an attempt to polish the proverbial turd.
According to the seller these are:
image 1589647189-0
“Rustic” end tables
image 1611122162-1
“Distressed Leather” Sofa
image 1628610350-0 image 1628610350-1
“Beautiful” torche lamp

Yes, they did post a sideways picture and dont even get me started on “torche.”

Pictures….gotta love the pictures.  Blurry pictures, sideway pictures, too dark pictures….at least they are trying.  I am amused however, at the people who go through the trouble of taking and uploading a picture but can’t even clean off the item in question:
image 1629122385-1
image 1622779356-0
image 1627145964-0
On the subject of cleaning things off….. The most fascinating and somewhat stomach turning thing that I have stumbled upon:

Liberator – Scoop – Black Label – $100 (****) 

This Scoop is like new and only used once. Super soft!! This unit retails for $245.00. The great thing about these Liberator products is that they are machine washable and can be hung up to dry. They are completely clean. They come with all the original packaging and Cuff Kit for Black Label Scoop -$40.00 value.
Please go to the Liberator website for a complete description and care instructions:
This item was bought at Fascinations.
  • Location: ***********
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

image 1599059781-0 image 1599059781-1
This is a smoke free home.

Thanks for looking!

*********************LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY*********************

I like how they say it has been used only once…….as if that is a great selling point.  For this item, one time is one too many, my friend.  (If you are confused….google Liberator.)
I expect that a piece of furniture off of CL might be filthy but not that filthy. 
Happy Craigslisting! 😉