About the Bird


Surly Bird is a forty-five year old, charming, radiant, vivacious and horribly intelligent woman prone to delusions of grandeur and self-importance.

She is a mutt of ethnicities, wrapped in a Pendleton, stuffed into a cowboy boot…clutching a power drill.  I know that doesn’t make any sense.  I doubt anyone will even read this page.

She is a part time writer and wannabe photographer in search of what she wants to be when she grows up.  A world traveler by age 8, growing up in the boondocks on a reservation….a view of the world unlike most others.  She has a slightly skewed take on all things mundane.

Her ultimate dream is to give in to her free-spirited yearnings and explore our beautiful planet.

8 thoughts on “About the Bird

    1. I got one read your “more about the bird” and I applaud you and your writing!
      Thank you,
      Barbara Lawrence-Piecuch

  1. Thank you for the article you posted. I’ve been trying to get more people involved in helping save Earth that we are destroying. Using the article will help reach more people. Have a great week-end. AKA BlueHawk

  2. I shared your 9/9/16 post on my social media page. Thank you so much. Ahehee’ laa doo baa ahee nisin, Tammy.


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