Commercial Conundrums

I am assuming that we’ve become a society in which fleeting attention spans are the norm.  Now days, anyone who pauses long enough to actually hear every word uttered and actually processes said words could be considered a stalker or at the very least….old?  What has brought me to this conclusion?  The fact that television ads are becoming less informative and more…WTH? (or for all you oldies out there let’s say, head scratching.)  Please don’t feel bad if I just called you old because I would fall in to that category as well if you were to randomly ask a sampling of 5-19 year olds.  Apparently 30 is not the new 20, it’s retirement age as far as anyone younger than  two decades is concerned.

With our ancientness in mind, I will give the first example of quizzical commercials….

There is a certain motor oil company that has been using a certain song to promote its new product.

*Okay, now anyone under thirty is going to be completely confused over my next scribblings but I would venture to guess that there is no one under thirty reading this.

So when you hear this particular song, what popped into your head? I would imagine it was something like this:

Well, they might be on to something but what does Phoebe Cates have to do with motor oil?

I don’t even know where to start with this next commercial.

Umm, yeah…. It’s bad enough they are called Sideshots but did they really need the pulling apart of the “buns” shot? I think in another “industry” that is called the money shot. Kinda of makes you want to take a shower and scrub your eyeballs with a brillo pad, no?

I guess the Hot Pockets people just wanted to give the Shake Weight people a run for their money.

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